Fondazione Pirelli


Settimo: Factory and Work

 The play, directed by Serena Sinigaglia, is to run from February 7th to 19th at Piccolo Teatro Studio Expo in Milan (Via Rivoli). Born out of a partnership between Piccolo Teatro and the Pirlli Foundation, the production "Settimo: Factory and Work" is based on a 2,000-page collection of interviews with engineers, technicians and other workers at Pirelli's industrial site at Settimo Torinese, which was edited by Roberta Garruccio (a researcher for the University of Milan's Department of History and Historical Documentation) for the Pirelli Foundation. The interviews themselves are to be published by Laterza in the spring.

The play, which begins with the move from the old factory to the new site designed by Renzo Piano, presents work as one of the fundamental values of a society undergoing radical transformation, as told by those who have made the factory a part of their lives. In other words, "Settimo: Factory and Work" is a unique, symbolic expression of corporate culture and of the values that are on everyone's mind today: hard work, identity, integration, rights, duties and transformation.

"The factory is a complex place, one of activity and relationships, of contrast and, above all, of original dialogue and coexistence. It is important to put the spotlight on these things in order to get past the old clich├ęs and ways of interacting that have been surpassed in the name of progress," said Pirelli chairman Marco Tronchetti Provera during a press conference held at Pirelli Teatro Studio on February 3rd. "Showing these dynamics in the form of a play is a way of giving the public and all of the social partners a means of understanding a past of which we should be proud and a present and a future in which we each intend to play an active role in our own way."

Those in attendance at the press conference included, in addition to the chairman of Pirelli and the Pirelli Foundation, Giuseppe BertaAldo BonomiSergio CofferatiSergio Escobar and Serena Sinigaglia.