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Notebooks 1922/1943

Until a paralysis in 1959 prevented the use of his right hand, Alberto Pirelli noted down on loose notes, in more or less shorthand form, things particularly worth remembering from among those heard or which he himself said (or which he meant to say) in certain circumstances.

These notes were kept carefully, by Pirelli or by his secretaries, until they had exhausted their function as reminders, creating, accordingly, letters, reports, memos, etc.
Alongside the noting down of casual "interviews" and the puzzled, and later alarmed, backstage description of Mussolini's new foreign policy, we can also find considered "verbalisations" of this or that attitude assumed by the author in respect of the premier and fascist leader (for example the refusal of the post of minister of the national economy in July 1923).

The quantity and frequency of the notes increased over the years, until they take on the pace of a diary with the advance of the War and the crisis of the fascist regime.

The book Notebooks 1922/1943 collates this documentation to which papers of a similar nature have been added, spread throughout the private archive of Alberto Pirelli.

Taccuini 1922/1943 edited by Donato Barbone
Alberto Pirelli, Il Mulino, 1984