Fondazione Pirelli


The Bicocca Project

The book contains all the design projects submitted in the international competition for the urban and architectural design of the "integrated technology park" on the Pirelli Bicocca land in Milan. The competition was organised following an agreement between Industrie Pirelli S.p.A. and the administrations of the Milan municipal and provincial authorities and the Lombardy regional authorities.

"The designers who took part in the competition were asked to redevelop a vast urban area, anticipating future needs which today we can at most guess and glimpse. We invited them to plan development of the city founded on the new technologies, research and high-tech service sector, while we entrepreneurs are still tackling the problems of the industrial society, the large concentrations of the employed (and, conversely, the pockets of unemployment) and mass production. This is the very reason why we turned to those who study cities and of urban cultures, on account of their ability to read the future of humans through the evolution of their habitat, in a perspective different from that of the economist, businessman or sociologist".
These are the words of Leopoldo Pirelli in the preface to the book published by Electa, 1986.