Composing and performing music in a factory


Yesterday «four wails of a factory siren» of Dmitri Shostakovich’s Second Symphony for the factory from the early 20th century, evoking images of steel, noise, smoke, and the fatigue of the assembly line. Today the violin of Salvatore Accardo and the strings of the Orchestra da Camera Italiana for Il Canto della fabbrica to interpret the rhythms of digital manufacturing, computers and robots of the 21st century. An entirely different «civilisation of machinery» which has brought dramatic change to today’s people and factories with the advent of high-tech and the predominance of a “knowledge economy”. The music that tells this tale has also radically changed. This book gives an analysis of these changes, and their contemporary representations through images, literature, industrial relations, and the new dynamics of manufacturing and corporate culture. 20th century factories continued to follow the same rationale that had characterised the previous century; operating according to a logic of production and mass consumption; they also had to mitigate conflict arising from these new dynamics. This model is no longer appropriate as the rules governing the manufacturing process have transformed over the past years due to profound scientific and technological innovation.


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Edizioni Mondadori
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