Internationalisation, a work ethic, and the best engineers -a company of good people. These are the values that Leopoldo Pirelli embodied in his conduct as both a businessman and a man. This is how he is remembered by Marco Tronchetti Provera on this fifth anniversary of his passing, the values he handed down alive to this day. 

The story of his years at the helm of his company is told in a book featuring the memories of Sergio Cofferati, who began working for Pirelli in 1969 during a period of great social conflict; Vittorio Gregotti, a long-time friend who accompanied Leopoldo Pirelli on the adventure to transform the Bicocca area; Giancarlo Lombardi, who worked with Leopoldo Pirelli on numerous difficult decisions within Confindustria; Piero Ottone, a travel companion who shared his passion for the U.K.; and Michele Salvati, a friend who shared his passion for politics and civil service.

Alberto Pirelli and Rosellina Archinto help to complete this portrait of the man, along with an interview that Leopoldo Pirelli granted to Eugenio Scalfari at the end of the 1990s, shortly after handing over the reins of the Pirelli group.

Leopoldo Pirelli                                                                    The values and passion of a businessman                             Published by Archinto, 2011