The latest economic survey of industrial and service companies has just been published by Banca d’Italia


Being responsible entrepreneurs and managers  helps the company, it is good for production organisation and it enhances proper manufacturing culture. And being responsible also means having reliable information better to understand the world that surrounds us. We need good sources.

This is why it is useful to read one of the last reports by Banca d’Italia. The “economic survey of industrial and service companies” just released by the Italian central bank takes a photograph that is particularly useful to gain greater awareness with respect to where an individual stands and where companies stand. And especially on what their prospects might be.

A horizon that, among other things, appears a little brighter than it used to. “The share of companies in industry in the strict sense and services that have reported a growth in turnover in the first nine months of 2017 compared to a year earlier has gone up to about 50%, a value close to that recorded in the two years preceding the sovereign debt crisis of the Euro zone,” the survey report in fact explains. It would appear that both the domestic and the international markets are improving, and entrepreneurs are even talking about sales expansion over the coming months. Employment levels are also on the rise, as well as the share of companies who have seen an upward trend in their investments.

However, what is of interest here is something else. It is the very nature of the survey. Banca d’Italia, in other words, is allowing the system of industrial production and services to take a snapshot, a genuine selfie, to reflect collectively on its own status and on general forecasts that emerge from the feeling shared by entrepreneurs and managers struggling with company management as well as with the related forecasts. Certainly, we are talking about a survey which owing to its very nature concerns a limited number of companies (in this case approximately three thousand industrial companies), but the result is also a sort of snapshot of the practical outcome of Italian business culture: every company illustrates its condition and all these stories put together compose a single picture.

It is owing to this characteristic – in addition to the objective statistical data -, that the survey is of particular interest and useful precisely to acquire a greater awareness of the industrial system at national level. The report produced by Banca d’Italia is also written with the usual characteristics of the Central Institute: clarity and brevity. A good read.


Sondaggio congiunturale sulle imprese industriali e dei servizi (Economic survey of industrial and service companies)

Banca d’Italia, 9th November 2017