The second report on corporate welfare by Censis-Eudaimon takes an up-to-date snapshot of the situation and indicates what is still missing


Working and thriving in a company. An achievable goal, even though the path to get there can be impassable. It is an essential matter of corporate culture. Understanding the steps involved is crucial, and so is knowing about individual experiences, and having the quantitative indication of the evolution of the situation is important. Investigating the entire second Censis-Eudaimon Report on corporate welfare is a good read.

The research considers several issues surrounding employment and welfare: the “quantity” of work as such, the “examples” of work, the “remuneration” of the work, the “welfare” of the work. It has become clear that Italy continues to create fewer jobs than other countries, that the percentage of young employed people has dropped over twenty years and that their distribution has changed. But also that the level of remuneration has diminished and changed in the comparison between various professionals, while the “quantity” of work of employees has grown and become more complex. Then there’s welfare. If, the research states, the welfare of workers has decreased from the point of view of classic job parameters, the response of the production system has been to create a larger and varied corporate welfare. One that seems to be providing good results, as can also be seen in a range of diversified assessments depending on the type of service offered. For each element, Censis provides a qualitative and a quantitative value. What emerges is an indication: despite everything, Italy has a good corporate welfare, and it can still grow. But resources are needed, of course, as well as continuous care of that corporate culture that cares about the people as well as the budget numbers which, on the other hand, are deeply rooted in Italy.

The second Censis-Eudaimon Report is a good knowledge and action tool, to raise awareness as to what is necessary today to improve the conditions of production in all respects.



2nd Censis-Eudaimon Report on corporate welfare

Censis, 2019