Research conducted in Europe and in the USA indicates the importance of cooperation between companies, but also the need for balance between the risks and the advantages of networks


The creation of collaborative networks is definitely one of the tools for the success of companies. Together, people work better, markets that are further away can be reached, more efficiency is created, people are more effective. You need to know how, however.

“Collaboration and collaboration risk in small and middle-size technological enterprises”, a piece of research written by multiple authors and recently published on LogForum – Scientific Journal of Logistics, is useful to read to understand more about the alchemy required to set up profitable collaborations between small and medium-sized enterprises in the technological industry.

Conducted by Karol Marek Klimczak (from the University of Navarra, in Pamplona), Wojciech Machowiak (from the Poznan School of Logistics, in Poznan), Iwona Staniec (from the Lodz University of Technology, in Lodz), and Yochanan Shachmurove (from City College of The City University of New York), the research reflects on the importance of collaboration and cooperation between SMEs operating in the extensive technological segment. The ability to collaborate is the idea underpinning the investigation, and it represents a particular aspect of the culture of such businesses. After reviewing literature on the subject, the work attempts to identify the areas of risk in collaboration activities. Cooperating in fact means pooling together abilities and skills, putting yourself out there and also opening up your company to others (which may be or become competitors). Subsequently, the research counts the risks connected to the actual conducting of cooperative activities.

Subsequently, the research examines the results of the work carried out in 2016 on over 300 small and medium-sized technological enterprises (SMTEs). In this case, the authors explain, “the objective was to analyse the collaboration environment of SMEs, their approach to collaboration and the perception of collaboration, of problems and of risks”. The topic of technological cooperation is therefore investigated in detail and analysed not only from the point of view of relations between SMEs but also between these and large companies.

The results of this work – which among other things was written via an interesting collaboration between research bodies situated in multiple countries: Poland, Spain, USA -, confirm the validity of the strategy that drives companies to cooperate to achieve better results, but accentuate the focus that must be placed in the assessment of risks and in the ability to lend skills and capabilities for the benefit of the entire network .


Collaboration and collaboration risk in small and middle-size technological enterprises

Karol Marek Klimczak, Wojciech Machowiak, Iwona Staniec, Yochanan Shachmurove

LogForum – Scientific Journal of Logistics, 2017, 13 (2)