A dissertation presented at Padua University investigates the bonds between corporations and environment conservation


Business and the environment are not mutually incompatible. This assumption is widely shared but not so widely implemented. Even less applied are the consequences that this manufacturing concept brings about: more attention to the environment can bolster the growth of companies as never before. A new and more complex corporate culture is created.

Exploring what these concepts imply and background is important. This was the task that Valentina Trevisan set with her dissertation entitled “Made in Italy Turns Green: Communicating the Environmental Sustainability of Italian Companies” presented at the end of the Master’s Degree Course in Communication Strategies at the “Marco Fanno” Department of Economics and Management, Padua University.

Her research focused on the cultural and life changes imposed by the need to protect the environment and on the consequences that this has brought about in the relationships between companies and markets.

“Since postmodernism is characterised by a new figure of consumer, companies need to offer products and services in line with needs of this new figure”, she stated in the introduction. Companies “have detected the signs of different consumptions and have needed to evolve to keep up with market needs”. The objective – i.e., understanding how Italian companies have responded to these impulses – is achieved by analysing the new consumption modes, investigating changes to what is known as the “product lifecycle” and examining the concepts of green marketing  and of social corporate responsibility and thus of the environmental impact of the Made in Italy economy.

The dissertation focuses on Italian case studies in the areas of tanning (Montebello), design (Alisea), clothing (Wrad Living) and food processing (Barilla, Syngenta). The entire work is actually full of practical examples, such as that of Patagonia and of the waste disposal system implemented in Modena.

Valentina Trevisan’s work ends with more than just certainties (and this is certainly a merit in itself). She admits that the matter of the culture of sustainability is still controversial in Italy and underlines that “responsibility” is a “founding element of corporate and personal behaviour”.

Permeated with great trust in corporate activities and consumer awareness, one may not agree with Trevisan’s research but it still makes for a worthy read.



Made in Italy turns Green: Communicating the Environmental Sustainability of Italian Companies

Valentina Trevisan

Padua University, Department of Language and Literary Studies “Marco Fanno” Department of Economics and Management Master’s Degree Course in Communication Strategies, 2017