Research by ENEA investigates and finds out more about the phenomenon of coworking  in Italy


Working is sharing. And, looking more closely, also and especially, doing business means sharing. Sharing intentions and objectives, willpower and even a little bit of dreams. Understood in this way, all self-respecting companies have grown and applied what today goes under the name of coworking. Even though, as it is widely known, this term means a very specific way of organising work. But in any case we are still faced with a corporate culture that changes, evolves, improves, differs with respect to the past. A clear sign of the vitality of manufacturing.

Reading “Coworking….. che? I nuovi volti dell’organizzazione del lavoro: un’indagine sul coworking in Italia” (Coworking…. what? The new faces of work organisation: a survey on coworking in Italy) – research published by ENEA written by multiple authors from a group of researchers headed by the ENA Studies and Strategies Unit, at Sapienza University and LUISS in Rome -, is a good thing to understand a form of work-sharing and of doing new business on the one hand but already considerably experimented within companies themselves.

The following is explained in the introduction: “The work presents the results of research on coworking carried out as part of project Smart Working X Smart Cities (SWxSC) and some observations on the subject of the sharing community. Project SWxSC studies the mechanisms and conditions through which culture and organisational innovation at work can be used as leverage for sustainability and urban regeneration”.Company and city, therefore, at the heart of a cultural movement that changes – more or less quickly – the very methods of organising production but also the presence of production activities in the territory. Through sharing – precisely – as the main cultural feature. “In our exploratory path – explain the authors of the investigation – we initiated a reflection on work methods and on the workplace as tools to facilitate sharing, growth, cultural exchange and the development of new skills. The coworking centres reflect those transformation processes, which are occurring in our society, geared towards the sharing of resources and abilities”.

The research then unfolds starting with a definition of coworking , moving on next to the description of its evolution, followed by the examination of certain concrete cases. And that’s not all. Providing a perspective of evolution, the authors write: “It is not a question of contributions, but of nurturing relations and growing them, benefiting from the services and experiences that are accrued through coworking in a relationship of mutual exchange, connecting them with Universities and Research Centres and fostering relations with the world of industry associations”.


Coworking….. che? I nuovi volti dell’organizzazione del lavoro: un’indagine sul coworking in Italia (Coworking…. what? The new faces of work organisation: a survey on coworking in Italy)

Bruna Felici (ENEA, Studies and Strategies Unit), Giorgia Martucci (Master in Public Economy from the Faculty of Economics at the Sapienza University in Roma), Maria Grazia Oteri (ENEA, Studies and Strategies Unit), Marina Penna (ENEA, Studies and Strategies Unit), Elisabetta Tatì (Master in Parliament and Public Policies, from LUISS Guido Carli University)

ENEA, 2017