“The term ‘culture of enterprise’ refers to that shared story of daily life that characterizes the commitment of an organization and its approach towards the business community and towards society as a whole.” It is this concept, as expressed in the “Manifesto on the Culture of Enterprise” drafted by Confindustria, that explains why the culture of an organisation is so important to how the business operates and grows.


Especially in these turbulent times, the issue of culture of enterprise is crucial to any respectable business strategy. 


But how can it be achieved? And, more importantly, which examples are to be followed and which avoided? A nice, useful answer to these questions can be found in “Strategia e cultura d’impresa. Come favorire strategie di successo impostando al meglio la cultura aziendale” (Strategy and culture of enterprise. How to promote successful strategies through a well-designed corporate culture), a work by Hermann Simon and Danilo Zatta which takes a pragmatic approach to the matter and seeks to understand how, in practice, an organisation’s culture can impact on business performance, both financially and otherwise.


Simon and Zatta begin with a theoretical study of all phases in the evolution of the enterprise before moving on to a careful analysis of how to guide and manage a culture of enterprise in a manner that can help to improve strategy. Along side the theoretical concepts, however, there are also a series of case studies from Italy (e.g. Fiat, Technogym, System, Diesel etc.) and abroad (e.g. Nestlé, Würth, Lufthansa, Gore, etc.) covering both theory and practice, so that readers can get a precise idea of the interactions between a culture of enterprise and profits and how the first can usefully influence the second. 


So “Strategia e cultura d’impresa” is a sort of guidebook for a topic that is not easy to get a good grasp of and a manual that complements well another work by the same authors, “Aziende vincenti: Campioni nascosti del 21° secolo”, which covers the factors that make for a successful business and describes recent Italian and international success stories.



Strategia e cultura d’impresa. Come favorire strategie di successo impostando al meglio la cultura aziendale

by Hermann Simon and Danilo Zatta

Il Sole 24 Ore


Aziende vincenti: campioni nascosti del 21° secolo

by Hermann Simon and Danilo Zatta