A piece of research interprets the topic of communication and the tale of a company with tools for analysing meaning


The tale of production is part of a company. A tale of men and of things, of how the organisation of production or a product came to be, is not just a cultural expression but also – in fact from now on – more than a commercial promotional tool as well as the expression of the image the company wants to convey.

It is also based on this premise that Elia Bozzato built his research work. Specifically by placing in sequence the aspects of the narrative technique with those of production and industrial brands. Bozzato explains this in the initial lines of his work: “From a certain point onwards it was no longer possible to generate loyalisation merely by advertising what one produced, and it became necessary to communicate a company’s identity and values as a group, as an individual or as a corporation, and tell one’s tale”.This is how modern company storytelling began. In various forms and scans. Which is what Bozzato analyses in his last developments summed up in the concept of brand storytelling, in other words telling the tale of a brand seen as an element of identity of the company, synthesis, centre, “core” of its particular way of understanding production and hence its production culture.

Bozzato thus begins with an investigation into brand storytelling and then moves on to the influences deriving from the current context consisting of social organisation and new communication tools, and then an analysis of storytelling and its interpretation with semiotic tools.

The author explains as follows before addressing semiotic schemes that can be used to interpret brand storytelling: “Today, the brand world is no longer merely built on a logo and a corporate image, or on a story told in just 30 seconds in an advert, or on printed banners; it emerges from an intrinsic and coordinated combination of various elements, distinguished by various formats and consisting of several co-ordinated messages, conveyed over multiple channels. Transmedia universes all around us, the stories are still there, it is just a little more difficult to distinguish them, they talk to us efficiently and with an increasingly stronger involvement and with increasingly astounding and pervasive technologies”.So, charming communication technology, but also a strong change in corporate image, are part of a complex whole consisting of storytelling, communication, marketing, product and business that Bozzato tries to interpret, managing to provide tools that are useful to everyone.

The work that stems from all this is not always easy to read, but it is worth the effort to get to the bottom of it.



Storytelling Storyshowing. Analisi sperimentale della comunicazione di marca attraverso l’occhio semiotico (Experimental analysis of brand communication through the semiotic eye)

Elia Bozzato

Milan Polytechnic School of Design Communication Design