A dissertation defended at LUISS University provides a summary of the situation


Industry 4.0 and real enterprises, which therefore refers to work and production. People, men and women, grapple with advancing their personal and professional growth. The fourth industrial revolution is not just about increasing productivity and new ways of doing so, more importantly it is about engaging people. It is changing the business culture in both substance and appearance.

For this reason, it is important that the technological paradigm of Industry 4.0 is flanked by the human and social paradigm. This is precisely what Matteo Consiglio accomplishes in his dissertation that he defended in front of the Department of Economics and Management, Business Organisation at LUISS University. “Industria 4.0 nelle competenze e nei processi delle imprese: le professioni digitali nel mercato del lavoro italiano” (Industry 4.0 reflected in business skill sets and processes: digital professions on the Italian job market) begins by exploring how Industry 4.0 ‘brings together the changes, technologies and innovations that are characterising our time and that will radically influence the years to come’. Consiglio immediately explains that with this perspective ‘the dynamics of this transformation are still not completely clear, but the degree to which they will differ from the previous status quo is going to be very significant’. Hence, we need a much better understanding of it. This is especially important if we are to manage the change successfully and take full advantage of its potential. This includes focussing on the human element by developing ‘new proactive approaches and capabilities that provide the necessary creativity and flexibility’.

The dissertation opens with a clear overview of the ongoing transformation. It then moves on to discuss the changes that are necessary from a human resources perspective before focussing the reader’s attention on changes to professions and professional development in Italy.

Consiglio’s paper distinguishes itself for the way it manages to discuss a complex and constantly evolving subject using clear language and very few pages, which is something that is often lacking in publications.


“Industria 4.0 nelle competenze e nei processi delle imprese: le professioni digitali nel mercato del lavoro italiano”

Matteo Consiglio

Dissertation, LUISS, Department of Economics and Management, Business Organisation, 2018