Cinema and History 2016-2017, the free educational and training course for teachers, this year dedicated to World History, continues at the Pirelli Foundation, supported by the ISEC Foundation in collaboration with the Pirelli Foundation and the Cineteca Italiana Foundation.

On Monday 20 February, Professor Stefano Agnoletto, director of the Education Department of the ISEC Foundation, will present an overview of the history of work and the economy from a global perspective, using a long-term approach which aims at overcoming traditional Eurocentric paradigms.

During this second class, the 120 teachers signed up to the course will also have the opportunity for further learning by visiting the exhibition “Pirelli: the sustainable culture.” Raw materials, research, processes and products, people”, as well as the Historical Archive to discover the history of a great multinational like Pirelli in terms of sustainable growth. Photographs, accounts, patents, in-house publications, special techniques and promotional materials will enable them to read into both the past and present of the company, providing a privileged glimpse into the world of Pirelli.