In the early Seventies, in Spain and the rest of Europe, the CN53 belted tyre was presented, the first Pirelli radial tyre for cars which opened the way for the famous low-section types.

For in-store communication for this technologically innovative tyre Pirelli produced a mould which replicated the tyre tread.

The brilliant artist Salvador Dali was one of the first to show interest in this new idea and requested one of these moulds for his home in Port Lligat, in Catalonia, where he created an actual installation.

The technical design by Ferruccio Frigè from 1970 of the Pirelli CN53 belted tyre which inspired the artist is among the works and documents on display in the exhibition Dali. Un artista, un genio (Dali, artist and genius), at the Complesso del Vittoriano (Rome), which opened 10 March last.

The exhibition (10 March – 1 July 2012) analyses the complex and multi-faceted personality of the artist and of his work, also dwelling on Dali’s special relationship with Italy.