From 18 January 2017 to 1 May 2017, the Archimede Library in Settimo Torinese will host the exhibition entitled “Pirelli in 100 Pictures. Beauty, Innovation, Manufacturing”. The exhibition – curated by  Fondazione Pirelli – is promoted and organised by  Comune di Settimo Torinese with the contribution of Pirelli and Fondazione ECM (Esperienze di Cultura Metropolitana) and is sponsored by  Regione Piemonte and  Città Metropolitana di Torino.

The exhibition traces over 140 years of corporate history through the materials of the Historical Archive preserved by Fondazione Pirelli and focuses on the many aspects of the Pirelli world: factory workers, technology, new product research, relationships with art and innovative communications, motorsports and the famous calendar. It is also the opportunity to present first pictures of a new project taken inside the Pirelli Industrial Hub in Settimo Torinese by great German photographer  Peter Lindbergh, author of the 2017 Pirelli Calendar, to the general public.

The exhibition develops through six sections. “Una P lunga oltre 140 anni” (a P over 140 years long) traces the history of Pirelli through pictures of factories and products: from the first plant in the outskirts of Milan to the first international exhibitions, illustrated catalogues and the covers of the “Pirelli” magazine; “La fabbrica degli artisti” (the factory of artists) presents some of the many opportunities that painters and photographers have taken to express their art and tell about the world of factories and manufacturing; “Si va che è un incanto” (it runs like a charm) documents the daily challenges that Pirelli has tackled in the racing world since 1907; “Una Musa tra le ruote” (a muse in the wheels) focuses on the relationships between Pirelli and the arts since the beginning of its history from the earliest artist advertising campaigns to illustrations; “Elogio della Bellezza” (celebration of beauty) is a line-up of the female icons that introduces visitors to the last section dedicated to the  Pirelli Calendar that since 1964 has attracted some of the most important names in photography. The most recent was German master Peter Lindbergh, who took a number of enthralling and powerful photographs in the factory in Settimo in preparation for the 2017 Pirelli Calendar. Those pictures have become a project in their own right and are presented in preview to the general public in the “Pirelli in 100 Pictures. Beauty, Innovation, Manufacturing” exhibition.

The “Pirelli in 100 Pictures. Beauty, Innovation, Manufacturing” exhibition is further confirmation of the importance of  culture as a tool for driving development, social cohesion and integration in addition reasserting the bond between culture and employment in Settimo Torinese. For Pirelli, in particular, the exhibition follows in the wake of the many activities which have been organised and held in Settimo by the company and by Fondazione Pirelli.


Settimo Torinese, Biblioteca Archimede
Piazza Campidoglio 50
18 January 2017 – 1 May 2017

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