The Pirelli Foundation is taking part in the fifth edition of the Festival of Innovation and Science in Settimo Torinese, which Pirelli has supported for the past four years and which includes events such as L’mportanza dei pneumatici della F1 2017 (The importance of F1 2017 tyres), an encounter between the former Ferrari driver Ivan Capelli and Mario Island, the current Pirelli Formula 1 racing manager.


L’ora di chimica (Chemistry hour) is the main theme that runs through the events scheduled to populate the Piedmontese town home to the most technologically-sophisticated Pirelli plant from 15th to 22nd October.

The Archimede Library will host the educational workshops by the Pirelli Educational Foundation designed specifically for schools and for children accompanied by their families.

The following will take place on the morning of Friday 19th October: Per fare un pneumatico ci vuole un albero (You need a tree to make a tyre) dedicated to primary schools and Viaggio alla scoperta della gomma (Journey to discover the tyre) for middle schools. During the activity, students will learn about the characteristics and the origin of rubber, how many and which are the chemical ingredients that compose the recipe for a tyre, and what the main stages of its production are.  They will subsequently have to try to make their own exclusive coloured tyre and customisable rubbers using various materials independently.

Children aged between 6 and 11 have instead been targeted for the afternoon activities of Saturday 20th October: Pneumatici a colori! (Coloured tyres!)is the workshop that will show participants some experiments using colours, designed in partnership with colleagues from the Pirelli chemical laboratories, and which will then allow them to make a new exclusive tyre, mixing the ingredients available together.

 Participation in the festival is part of the Pirelli Educational Foundation’s programme, which since 2013 has offered opportunities aimed at promoting the importance of scientific research and technological development also among young people, values on which the corporate culture of Pirelli has been based since it was established.

Specifically, the substantial educational programme gives secondary-school students the chance to visit Pirelli’s research and development centre at the company headquarters in Milan Bicocca, where they can observe closely the different tests which tyres undergo before being placed on the market and discover in the chemical laboratories all the materials that compose them. The youngsters also have the opportunity to enter the Pirelli Industrial Pole in Settimo Torinese and the Milanese department that uses the innovative system of digital robots: Next MIRS (Modular Integrated Robotized System).


Participation in the workshops proposed by the Pirelli Foundation is free of charge.

For more information and to check out the complete programme of the festival visit the website


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