Pirelli has always maintained a constant dialogue between its cultural institutions and the city. After opening new company libraries in Bicocca and Bollate, it has entered into a partnership with the City of Milan with a view to incorporating the Bicocca library into the circuit of Milanese libraries.

We want to give a voice to those who made this project possible so that they can tell us how new areas of experimentation between local companies and public cultural entities can be created in Milan, a city that has made the fusion of culture and science a key trait of its personality.

The words of readers at our libraries also tell the story of what it means to have a space for books at the workplace and how finding time for reading improves the everyday life of a company, changing the approach to work and the perception of its spaces.

In the videos screened here, we show how a library can bring life to a company as a space of culture and innovation, but also of creativity and happiness.