Magazines to leaf through, drawers to open, photos to look at, and videos to screen: a whole array of activities plunged the students into the history of a company with a long story to tell.

Over 3,000 students from 60 schools and universities took part in the activities of our educational programme, which started in September last year. Inside Edu was set up to capture the impressions and opinions of children and young people. This video-interview project led to the creation of 11 video clips, which were published on social networks, with a discussion on the company archives and on innovation and communication.

The classes were given guided tours through the premises of the Foundation, with in-depth analyses in the fields of photography, company history, sustainability, and visual communication, to mention but a few. The tour devoted to the evolution of advertising graphics was one of the most appreciated: after visiting the current exhibition, Advertising with a Capital P, many classes tried their hand at creating stop-motion advertisements or posters for bicycle tyres.

To have a close-up view of the complexities involved in the creation of a new tyre, the kids found out about the chemical laboratories, where the raw materials are analysed, the physics laboratories and, also in the research and development department, the experimentation laboratories, where prototypes are tested to meet the standards required for safety and sustainability. The Next MIRS plant in Milan Bicocca and the Pirelli Industrial Centre in Settimo Torinese – two excellent examples of digital factories – allowed the students to follow the entire production process, from the compounds all the way to tyres ready for the market.

In autumn 2018, many partnerships were entered into with external institutions and associations. Pirelli Foundation Educational collaborated for the first time with the Traffic Police, with agents taking part in the educational activities at WOW Spazio Fumetto during the week devoted to road victims. An exhibition of historic Pirelli posters and educational courses for primary schools were organised with the aim of raising young people’s awareness of the dangers of the road and introducing them to the 10 golden rules of road safety.

The Pirelli Foundation’s focus on the world of robotics, coding and the digital revolution in general was at the centre of interaction with Coolest Projects Milano 2018, an international project that gives young people the chance to present their inventions in the field of digital creativity. As part of the event, the Pirelli Foundation, in collaboration with the company’s Research and Development department, illustrated Pirelli’s commitment to training and innovation in the digital age.

Cinema & History, the 7th edition of the training and refresher course for teachers, took place in the last quarter, from February to April, organised in collaboration with Fondazione ISEC and the Fondazione Cineteca Italiana. This year, about 80 teachers took part in a course of lectures and screenings that reflected on the experience of nation states and on their historical evolution in the light of contemporary processes of globalisation.

Many new features will soon be revealed for the new school year 2019-2020. Stay with us for updates!