The first of April will see the opening of the new edition of the Trienale Design Museum, which every year tells the story of Italian design through various themes and exhibits offering fresh perpectives and approaches. The tenth edition, “Giro Giro Tondo. Design for Children” (1 April 2017 – 18 February 2018), aims to present a new history of Italian design dedicated to the world of infants and young children, with different thematic sections focused on significant figures from the history of design.

The Pirelli Foundation also renews its participation in the exhibition –  following its involvement in the edition dedicated to graphic design (TDM5). This year the foundation will take part through a selection of original materials conserved in the company’s Historical Archive, including the cat Meo Romeo, the famous rubber toy made in 1949 by the well known designer Bruno Munari, who described its creation and characteristics in an edition of the Pirelli magazine in the same year , shop window designs such as the ones made to advertise “silent games” and the gplate game, created by noted designers and photographers such as Bob Noorda and Aldo Ballo. It will also feature sketches from the Swiss graphic artist Lora Lamm and Raymon Savignac, depicting hot water bottles being used as little characters by children. Savignac’s sketch would later be the inspiration for the video “Freddo Semifreddo Caldo” (Cold, Warm, Hot), an animated advert made for Pirelli by Pagot Film, a demonstration of how the world of children has influenced product communication in all its shapes and forms.

Lamm Lora bozzetto per pubblicità borse acqua calda 1959 114 Il gioco delle piastre - 300 dpi Savignac Raymond bozzetto per borse per acqua calda 1953 116 Azienda Roma Giocattoli silenziosi - 300 dpi