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Visit by King Victor Emmanuel III to Bicocca

Original titleVisit by HM King Victor Emmanuel III to the Pirelli plant in Bicocca
Period20 June 1927

Comerio, Lucaregista

Comerio Filmsproduction company

AbstractThe King, accompanied by Giovanni Battista Pirelli, visits the various sections of the plant: from the purifying of the rubber to the packing of the solid tyres, inner tubes and regular tyres. The visit then moves on to the areas of power and telephone cables, electrical conductors and submarine cables. At the end of the visit, the King heads to the Bicocca base and presents twelve War Merit Crosses to the Pirelli factory's oldest workers. HM the King, accompanied by His Excellence Minister Rocco, the Prefect, the Mayor of Milan and the civil and military authorities, leaves the factory to enthusiastic salutes from the workers.
Topic Milano - Bicocca
Categories Offices and factoriesMilano-Bicocca
Technical data positive nitrate film 35 mm imbibed