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Sinking of the cable ship "Citt� di Milano"

Original titleSinking of the cable ship "Citt� di Milano"
Inventory number1175
Category Dossier
Periodbetween 17 June 1919 and 9 July 1919
Responsibility Del Grande, Ernesto author
Sector and content Documents concerning the sinking of the "Citt� of Milano" cable ship on 16 June 1919 off the coast of Filicudi: report by the Pirelli employee Ernesto Del Grande, who survived the sinking; cutting of the article "The "Citt� di Milano" sunk - 26 drowned"", published in the "Corriere della Sera" on 17 June 1919
NotesTitle attributed in the Historical Documents Register: "Sinking of the cable ship 'Citt� di Milano' on the shoals off the Filicudi islands. Report and newspaper cutting. Among others, the dead included Ing. Emanuele Jona - Ettore Pinelli - and three of our workers (large photo: Ing. Jona)"