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Taruffi's record on the Brescia-Bergamo autostrada in 1937

LevelPhotographic shoot
Definition of the object Positives (19)
Author Fumagalli
Period21 October 1937
Place takenBrescia-Bergamo
General description of the subjectOne-kilometre flying-start speed record set by Piero Taruffi on 21 October 1937 on a Gilera Rondine motorcycle fitted with Pirelli MotorCord ribbed tyres: between km 80 and km 82 on the Brescia-Bergamo autostrada, Taruffi covered the kilometre in 13 seconds and 13 hundredths at a speed of 274.481 km/h. The Rondine was designed by the Compagnia Nazionale Aeronautica (C.N.A.) between 1933 and 1934 and perfected by Gilera between 1936 and 1937.
Technical data B/W gelatin silver bromide/paper 9 Positives - 18 x 24 cm - 1 Positive - 12 x 18 cm - 9 Positives - 6 x 6 cm -
People Taruffi, Piero
Categories VehiclesMotorcyclesGileraGilera Rondine
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