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LevelPhotographic shoot
Definition of the object Positives (12)
Author Publifoto
Periodfrom May 1961 to October 1961
Place takenTurin
General description of the subjectViews of the mosaic made by mosaic artists from the Fine Arts Academy of Ravenna and displayed in the pavilion fitted out by Pirelli on the theme of "Scientific Research" at the Palazzo del Lavoro in Turin, during the International Exhibition for the Centenary of the Unity of Italy: "Italia 61"
Technical data B/W Gelatin silver bromide/paper Positives - 5.5 x 9 - B/W - gelatin silver bromide/paper

2 Positives - 18 x 24 - B/W - gelatin silver bromide/paper

Categories Exhibitions and trade fairsItalia 61 International Exhibition
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