With the end of the school year, also the Educational programme for the 2017/2018 academic year comes to a close for its summer break.

This year, about 100 classes and 2000 students took part in the teaching activities planned and put on by the Pirelli Foundation, with a choice of 20 thematic courses.

A whole array of subjects were examined, ranging from the design and production of a tyre to the evolution of advertising graphics and visual communication, from the organisation and editing of a top-name magazine to the analysis of historic archive photographs, through to corporate cinema and road safety issues.

This year, primary and upper- and lower-secondary schools were able to bring some of the courses to their own classrooms. Pirelli Foundation Educational thus went to a number of schools in Milan and Lombardy, taking its own multimedia supports and creative materials.

The tours to find out about the Bicocca area were again greeted with great enthusiasm. Lower- and upper-secondary school students were able to visit the Pirelli Headquarters and they examined archival materials and watched historic videos, learning how the district has changed over the years. They were able to enter the chemical analysis laboratories and find out about the materials that make up a tyre, watching the main indoor tests that a tyre is subjected to during the design stage in the Research and Development laboratories.

Again this year, Pirelli Foundation Educational also opened its doors to the Industrial Centre in ​​Settimo Torinese and the Next MIRS factory in Milano Bicocca, two of Pirelli’s most technologically advanced plants, to show the students the world of Industry 4.0, the digital, robotic, interconnected factory.

Lastly, 60 teachers took part in the sixth edition of the programme with the Cinema & History training and refresher course organised in collaboration with Fondazione ISEC and the Fondazione Cineteca Italiana. The course, entitled For a Lexicon of the Contemporary World: Understanding and Teaching the Contemporary Age, examined some important issues concerning the contemporary world, such as geopolitics, the new frontiers of work, and the relationship between finance and the real economy, through lessons, workshops and film screenings.

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