A collection of research investigates the relations between new manufacturing technologies and work

Work is one of the pillars of a business. And the work should be carried out appropriately and defended, as well as being remunerated. Proper relations between the entrepreneur and the worker are, after all, at the very core of the development of any manufacturing organisation. Yet the nature of the work changes depending on the type of company to which it applies, as well as on the technologies that are used. Understanding the relations between the different types of income, the work and the nature of the business it refers to is important to all intents and purposes. It is therefore useful to read “Reddito garantito e innovazione tecnologica, tra algoritmi e robotica” (Guaranteed income and technological innovation, amid algorithms and robotics), a collection f research and analysis on the subject of work, robotics and the new ICT technologies, work hours and manufacturing.

The logical reasoning that joins this set of investigations is the pursuit of connections between income (basic, based on citizenship, based on work) with the new technologies.

The path followed by the reader is therefore varied and complex, and it starts with the consideration of the aspects tied to guaranteed income, to basic income and to the types of work, then addressing the implications of robotics and also of the evolution of work relations in reference to current legal regulations that nevertheless need to be observed.

The base of the reasoning followed by each individual investigation is however the consideration of the mixture of old legislative regulations, new methods of production, the differentiation of requirements and the types of income, market demands and therefore business demands.

Most of all, however, the collection of research proposed in this book introduces the reader to the unknown issues created by the new technologies (and hence also by robots) as regards proper work remuneration as well as the defence of its dignity.

“Reddito garantito e innovazione tecnologica, tra algoritmi e robotica” is obviously not the perfect set of investigations on a complex topic such as the relations between technological innovation and work, but it is an excellent tool to stop and think about one of the most poignant issues faced by current manufacturing organisations.

Reddito garantito e innovazione tecnologica, tra algoritmi e robotica (Guaranteed income and technological innovation, amid algorithms and robotics) et.al.

BIN – Quaderni per il reddito, 07 – March 2017