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Participation in the International Exhibitions of Buenos Aires in 1910

Original title"Miscellaneous"
Dossier"1910/documentazione, foto, cartoline/Esposizione Internazionale di Buenos Aires/Maggio/Novembre 1910"
Inventory number849
Category Dossier
Periodbetween 11 August 1909 and 13 January 1911
Sector and content Copies of the programme and regulations; posters; handwritten list of the 14 sections of the International Exhibitions and a list of Pirelli products; questionnaire for the jury; publication: "The participation of Italy in the International Exhibitions of Buenos Aires (1910)"; extracts from daily newspapers and copies of magazines; circulars, drafts, memos and minutes
NotesTitle attributed in the Historical Documents Register: "Large envelope with documentation on participation in the International Exhibition in Buenos Aires (May/November)" (title of dossier 849, this item does not appear in the Historical Documents Register)