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Noticias Pirelli

After the launch in 1950 of Fatti e Notizie, a periodical for Pirelli staff in Italy, similar magazines began to be published in various countries where Pirelli operated. In 1956, it was Brazil’s turn, with the first issue of Noticias Pirelli, edited by the Personnel Department of Pirelli S.A. Companhia Industrial Brasileira. It originally provided information, with news about the factories and the advertising campaigns, and about the Pirelli Clube in the world of culture and the Clube Atletico in that of sport, as well as news related to the family lives of employees. In 1964 it began publishing articles on cultural and economic issues, with a page of scientific curiosities and a column with a photographic competition, and it also adopted a more modern graphic look. The greatest change in terms of graphics and layout, however, came in 1969, and from that moment on they were much more carefully studied than previously, as can be seen in the acknowledgements of those involved in the “Arte”, “Fotografia”, “Composicao” and “Fotolitos” in the colophon. In 1968, Noticias Pirelli was affiliated with Aberje – Associação Brasileira de Editores de Revistas and Jornais de Empresa and in 1969 it won the competition launched by the Associação Brasileira de Relações Públicas as the best company magazine in Brazil. In 1970, the editorial staff of the magazine moved from the Personnel Department to the Industrial Relations Department, where they stayed until publication ceased in 1981.