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Fatti e Notizie

The periodical house organ, initially edited by the Personnel Department, was launched in 1950 with the aim of keeping Pirelli Group employees up to date on the latest events and news about the company. Information about the factories, products, participation in trade fairs, and motorcar, motorcycle and cycling victories on Pirelli tyres were interspersed with sections devoted to cultural events and welfare initiatives for employees, such as news about the sports centre and cultural centre, the company library and healthcare services. In the late 1950s the content was expanded to include news about current affairs, the economy, science, politics and culture. Towards the end of the 1960s, with the “consultancy” of Arrigo Castellani, the publication became a modern, fully illustrated magazine with new graphics and content. As well as the usual reports on company activities, there were lots of articles on ecology, sport, and culture, with sections devoted to records, cinema, books, and even to beauty and fashion, flowers and plants, animals, and wine. Social and trade-union issues burst onto the scene in the 1970s, with reports on topics of interest for the life of the workers (schools, kindergartens, transport, women’s work, the new family laws, and the latest on tax matters), and the magazine was taken over by the Public Relations Department. In the 1980s, the magazine went back to dealing almost exclusively with company issues and, from the 1990s, it completely abandoned its role as an illustrated company magazine and became the mouthpiece for the corporate image of Pirelli, coupled with other company instruments of in-house digital communication.